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7 Premiere Wine Regions

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7 Premiere Wine Regions That Produce Earth's Finest Wines
By Jessica Ackerman

Do you know your wine regions? Many of us enjoy a glass of wine for dinner, as it can complement certain foods flavor. However, have you ever wondered about the regions from which the gapes for the wines grew? Such information is not only interesting, but will be helpful the next time you search for wines for your wall wine rack. Here are some of the best wine-producing regions in the world:

1. Andalucia

Yes, this is the same Andalucia from Tom Jones song A Boy from Nowhere.  In fact, no other region in the world has more land dedicated to vineyards. Andalucia is located in the southwest region of Spain. The regions amber sherry is clearly the regions most famous wine. During the regions tours, you can learn about the winemaking process, and even tastes some of the fruits of the regions labor.

2. California

The Golden State has become the largest region in the US, for producing wine. In fact, wine-tasting tourism in California has experienced major growth during the past few years. The Cali regions are perfect for wineries. They are typically small, family businesses that are nestled within vineyards flowing with hills. Wines from California nicely complement any wall mounted wine rack.

3. Loire Valley

This is clearly one of the most gorgeous wine regions in the entire world. The area is famous for its white wines in particular, but also produces excellent red wines as well.

4. Niagara

Renowned for its falls, Niagara also is one of the top wine-producing regions on Earth. Its combination of modest temperatures and hearty soils are perfect for vineyards. Icewine is undoubtedly the regions most famous wine. Interesting, wineries harvest the grapes after the first frost during wintertime!

5. Oregon

Did you know that Oregon has the third highest number of wineries in any US state? In fact, the region produces over 40 types of wines. The hub of Oregon wineries is Willamette Valley. This slice of the state is home to roughly 100 picturesque miles between the cities of Eugene and Portland.

6. Porto

The most famous thing to originate from Porto, is the wine named after it. In fact, the area has produced Porto wines for centuries. In fact, the region allows visitors to share in the wine-producing experience, via tours and wine samplings. In Porto history seems to come to life, as you visit wineries and famous structures that have stood here for centuries. When selecting wines for your wall mounted wine rack, consider Porto wines!

7. Tuscany

Undoubtedly, this is Italy's most famous wine region. The autumn is the best season during which to visit Tuscany, when you can truly appreciate the process of wine-production. This is where grape-stomping continues as a timeless practice. The top region within the region is Chianti. It contains 10,000 acres of unending vineyards lying between towering mountains.

When selecting wines for your metal wall art wine rack, the choices seem endless. Nonetheless, consider selecting wines from the aforementioned regions. Their wine is fine!

This article was written by Jessica Ackerman and provided by WallDecorandHomeAccents.com, a site featuring unique wall mounted wine rack and metal art

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jessica_Ackerman

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7 Premiere Wine Regions

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