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Knowing the Flavors of Shiraz Wine - 123--Wine.com

Alexander Valley Vineyards Syrah 750ml - $17.99

Alexander Valley is known as a premium region for growing Syrah, or as a few of our neighbors call it - Shiraz. It is a medium bodied wine with an opaque purple/black color leading the way to loads of intense ripe fruit aromas including blueberry, blackberry and black cherry, with a hint of plum. When the wine first enters the mouth there is an eruption of fruit, mainly blackberries and cassis. Framed by vanillin oak, the dark fruits and violet carry through on the palate to firm well-integrated tannins.

Knowing the Flavors of Shiraz Wine

By Frances Roy

Shiraz wine is the leading red grape variety in Australia. It is the same as the popular French syrah. More than a couple of stories have circulated as to why it's taken on a different name only in Australia and South Africa, but has remained as syrah in all the other countries where it's grown. But by whichever name you call it, one thing's for sure - it is excellent when taken as a straight varietal, as well as when it's expertly blended with other fine red grapes like cabernet sauvignon and grenache.

One of the distinctive characteristics of this grape is that it grows into a deep red fruit that's so dark-colored it's commonly described as black. And its color does translate perfectly into its big, bold taste. One sip of a good version of this wine will give you the flavors of plums, berries, blackcurrants, and chocolate with hints of black pepper and spices. There may be some versions that will even give you some notes of toffee, which came not from the oak barrels where the wine had been resting.

But don't let the darkness and intensity of this wine deceive you. Shiraz wine is one of those reds that are best consumed while young - specifically within the first five years after bottling.

This big, bold red will satisfy your taste buds perfectly when paired with meats that are strongly flavored like beef, lamb, goose, and game. You'll also find it complementing well the fatty cuts of pork. If it's fish that you want, tuna is always superb with this wine.

Playing up the spices in the wine always gives delicious results. Spicy dishes from all over the world match this wine very well. So you can plan on serving Mexican chili and burritos or Indian curries and samosas when you've got a bottle of this red. American barbecued ribs and this wine are also a match made in heaven.

And don't forget the cheeses. Sharp cheddar would be best. You can also include Edam and Gouda in the cheese plate that will be served with this wine. Another that you might want to consider is Saint Nectaire farm cheese, which has a taste of nut and milk and a slightly pungent smell of rye straw and mushroom.

Presently, this red is produced largely in Australia and South Africa, where it is called shiraz wine. It is also an important wine and goes by the name syrah in California, USA and in the Rhone and Languedoc-Roussillon regions in France.

Get shiraz wine from the prestigious vintners in the famed Australian regions of Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale - at the best possible prices - at WineMarket. Visit their website today and check out their Penfolds Grange and Grant Burge bottles.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Frances_Roy

2009 Maycas Del Limari Syrah Reserva Especial 750ml - $22.99

87 Points - Wine Advocate, February 2012 "The 2009 Syrah Reserva spent 12 months in seasoned French oak. Notions of smoke, game, meat, a hint of balsamic, and blueberry are followed by a medium-bodied, racy style of Syrah that displays good balance and proportionality. A relatively short finish held the score down slightly. Even so, it is a very good value meant for drinking over the next 2-3 years." -Jay Miller

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